Thursday, November 18, 2010

Halloween and the pumpkin patch

October was a fun month! We went to two pumpkin patches. Unfortunately the first pumpkin patch Erika wasn't able to come but her camera did....however it was set on manual for a cloudy day and it was a super sunny day and I thought it was on automatic...yah ALL of the pictures were totally overexposed! Since Halloween was on a Sunday the kids went to our ward trunk or treat on Saturday and trick or treating down main street at the shops. They had a blast handing out candy on Sunday though to the other trick or treaters. Ben was SO excited every time someone else came to the door. :)
Ben wanted to be a SWAT guy and Landon was a devil. I might have 'helped' Landon decide on this particular costume... because it depicted this last year so well. It was a toss up between a skunk that said "Little Stinker" on it and a Devil... but the devil costume was cuter.Gabriella was a mermaid.
Don't let his mischievious grin fool you...
Our little pumpkin! She is always smiling...except for when Mom puts her upside down into a pumpkin... :)

Gabriella kept trying to stick the hay in her mouth and eat it. She loves to put EVERYTHING in her mouth these days.
We take so many pictures that there are way to many to choose from therefore to see others take a look at the slide show. There are lots of great ones.


Laura said...

Hey girl! Update this blog! I'm dying to see your kiddos! :)

BarbaraJo said...

You have a beautiful family! I miss you!