Thursday, November 18, 2010

Halloween and the pumpkin patch

October was a fun month! We went to two pumpkin patches. Unfortunately the first pumpkin patch Erika wasn't able to come but her camera did....however it was set on manual for a cloudy day and it was a super sunny day and I thought it was on automatic...yah ALL of the pictures were totally overexposed! Since Halloween was on a Sunday the kids went to our ward trunk or treat on Saturday and trick or treating down main street at the shops. They had a blast handing out candy on Sunday though to the other trick or treaters. Ben was SO excited every time someone else came to the door. :)
Ben wanted to be a SWAT guy and Landon was a devil. I might have 'helped' Landon decide on this particular costume... because it depicted this last year so well. It was a toss up between a skunk that said "Little Stinker" on it and a Devil... but the devil costume was cuter.Gabriella was a mermaid.
Don't let his mischievious grin fool you...
Our little pumpkin! She is always smiling...except for when Mom puts her upside down into a pumpkin... :)

Gabriella kept trying to stick the hay in her mouth and eat it. She loves to put EVERYTHING in her mouth these days.
We take so many pictures that there are way to many to choose from therefore to see others take a look at the slide show. There are lots of great ones.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A lot can happen in 3 months....

So where do I begin... lets just say we loved Oregon so much that we decided to move here! We have now been here 3 weeks and have loved EVERY minute (aside from my perfect San Jose weather I couldn't be happier.) Everything changed so quickly yet it couldn't have felt more right.Out of the blue Fernando got a call from a recruiter from Oregon. He had been working with her right after he got laid off at Price Water house coopers to try to find a job in Oregon. He interviewed a for several jobs out here before he got the CA state tax board job, but nothing ever panned out. I finally decided that it just not right for some reason. Fast forward several months to the out of the blue phone call. Andrea, the recruiter, told him she had found him a great tax position job out here that she wanted to see if he would be interested in. He had the phone interview and it went great. Then they wanted him for a second interview in person, right over Labor day weekend. They said that if he couldn't make it in person that it would be ok, but if he could that would be great. He talked to me about it and I told him that it would be in his best interested to do the interview in person and called up my bff Erika to see how she would feel having an unexpected visit. Turns out they already had plans to go to her in-laws for labor day weekend but offered for us to stay out their house anyway. So...we took a quick road trip and luckily got to see them before we left. The interview went fabulous and it sounded like they wanted him. We knew that if he got the job that they would want him to start soon. I decided to take the proactive approach and had us look for houses to rent in case everything panned out. It just so happened that a house came on the market to rent 4 houses down from Erika. We loved the house, and of course the neighbors, but everything was still pending on the job offer and they already had a application that was being processed.... but they seemed to like us and thought the idea of living so close to your best friend was pretty sweet and kept the option open for us. They were on a time crunch themselves because they were moving to AZ in a couple weeks... I figured most likely since we couldn't put in an application that the place would be gone... Fernando ended up getting the job and they even included a relocation bonus! After that everything literally FELL into place PERFECTLY. We ended up getting the house next door(1700 + sq ft 3 bed 2 1/2 bath with a 2 car garage and a big bonus area upstairs for $50 more a month that what we were currently paying), Ben got into the dual immersion program that I was trying to get him into and the transition went so smoothy (though it pretty much all took place in a 2 week time period).
I love the space! I love my big kitchen with two sinks and a DISHWASHER (crazy to think that we lived in our other place with one sink and no dishwasher and 1 bathroom for almost 5 years....). Erika and I pretty much hang out everyday and our kids just get along so great! Our husbands hang out and have 'guys nights,' we have 'girls nights' we probably eat dinner together at least 2-3 times a week. We take turns cleaning our houses together, and giving each other a much needed 'break' to shower or what not... We swap watching kids for date nights etc. Yah it is pretty much perfect and everything we have talked about and dreamed about for years. :) We have taken tons of pictures and I will post a few tonight and there will be plenty more to come! Erika is a faithful blogger so it looks like I will be MUCH more frequent and consistent with new postings. So there ya have it you know me can't miss any details... :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Down Town Portland

Every year "Naval vessels from the United States Navy, U.S. Coast Guard and the Canadian Maritime Forces arrive from around the world for a four-day visit to the City of Roses."

Landon was so pleased that Sweetie shared her ritz crackers with him.
They had big fences up for security reasons. We had planned on touring the ships however they were 2 days late getting into instead we watched them come into port.
Each time a ship would come in there would be a smaller ship shooting water into the air to announce its arrival. This one shot out red and white water since it was for a canadian Navy ship. Other shot out red white and blue.
The kids really enjoyed watching the bridges go up to let the big Navy ships come through
This was our 1st time in downtown Portland. I love the architech. It was amazing.
Fernando had a interview with a company near the airport down town so while he was doing that we hopped on the max and went to the mall. I SO would have loved to have gone shopping there with out the kids... :)
The babies first max ride
It was once again raining so here are the kids wating undercover for the max to pick us up
Our last stop was the famous voodoo doughnut. These are so delicious. If you ever go to down town Oregon you HAVE to try them.
After down town we headed back to Erika's house, ate pizza and put the kids to bed. Fernando slept while Erika, her husband and I got in one last game and finished off our virgin strawberry daqueri pina coladas. :) At around 11 p.m. we loaded up our kids in the car and headed to UT. The kids were AMAZING for the drive! They woke up around 7 in the morning and we stopped for breakfast. We didn't stop again in Layton to get free Krispy Cream doughnuts and that was it. We had a wonderful time in UT (though I forgot to get pictures....)even though we were only there for pretty much the weekend....
We went out to go to my niece and nephews baby blessings. They looked SO adorable! I am really glad we were able to be there. It is so fun having a niece and nephew close to Gabby's age! It is hard being so far away from family! Know you are loved and greatly missed!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oregon Coast

We spend a couple of day on the Oregon Coast in our condo. The sun didn't get the memo that is is summer...and I think perhaps this was our COLDEST trip to the coast yet, but the beach is the beach and the kids got their fair share of sand regardless of the weather.
pSomebody dug a huge whole and left it and it became the kids playground. Hours of fun were had here! Us moms spent most of our time in doors with the babies but when the kids were about this one they couldn't get enough of her and she LOVED all the attention.

I love this pic that Erika took it captured it all... of the 3 days we were there this was the only time Gabby and I went to the beach
The kids found a big hole someone left for them and had hours of fun despite the cold...
fetching water to add to the hole
the Oregon rain didn't stop them from having fun
Gabriella and I lasted about 10 min or so then the moms went in with the babies while the dads stayed out with the bigger kids. Gabby doesn't look too amused...she is kind like me when it comes to the cold. Our condo had a perfect view of the pool and beach so though us moms spend a great deal of door indoors we still were able to see the kids having a great time!

finding seashells
Erika and I stayed up WAY too late one night making bracelets. We had such a great time I think this might become a new tradition. We made matching black and white bracelets for us and then I made Gabby 4 little ones and she made her girls matching patriotic ones.
Us adults played HOURS of games and stayed up way too late doing so... the later it got the funnier everything got and kookier Joseph got. We are all avid game players and can never get enough 'game time' in.

Gabriella got her first taste of oatmeal. She DEVOURED IT. She liked it so much that she grabbed the bowl and I pretty much had to SHOVEL it in her mouth as fast as I could. It is safe to say she is a fan. :)

The kids had a fun time riding the luggage cart back up to the hotel room once everything was loaded into the car.
Yet another fun trip to the coast even if the weather didn't cooperate we still had a blast.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Portland Temple (warning picture overload.....)

It has become tradition to go to the Oregon temple every time we visit Oregon. It never fails every time we always get so many great pictures thanks to Erika and her mad photography skills. This trip was no different.

All of us at the reflection pond. I love Ben and Landon's faces
This has got to be one of my favorite pictures of Gabriella. You will often see Gabriella snuggled up against my face like this she LOVES it.
Landon's first kiss.....
There were TOO many adorable pictures of these two so you will just have to click on the collage to see them larger... I couldn't figure out which ones to leave out because I love them ALL!!
Ben and Ballerina best of buds
girls being sassy I LOVE this girl! I wouldn't trade my best friend for anything!
Landon was being way too cute! Ben didn't want to cooperate to much for pictures..
jumping...I love his contagious smile!
there is no wonder why this guy ALWAYS has bonks on his head...
being himself in his nice suit and all...
and I can never get enough of this girl!

he he her headband fell too low and was making her ears poke out.
and can't leave out the love of my life! I am so lucky to have Fernando in my life he is truly AMAZING!!!
she loves being in the air

lovin my babes
all of us
Yet tons more memories to add to the other Portland Oregon temple memories! I love that we all get along so prefectly!! Erika did I tell ya how much I already MISS YOU??!!!!